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COVID-19: Changes to Hunting & Fishing Regulations

Found this article over at TheMeatEater.com website.

NOTE: This is just an excerpt. Please go to TheMeatEater.com website for the full article.

As states scramble to slow the spread of COVID-19 and enact a wide range of regulations to enforce social distance, many hunters, anglers, and outdoor recreators are left wondering what they’re allowed to do. We want to help keep everyone informed, safe, legal, and, whenever possible, outside. Below you’ll find regular updates to regulations and rule changes that impact hunters, anglers, and public land recreators. While we can’t promise that this list will cover every single rule change around the country in real time, we’ll do our best to keep it current and accurate. Please email us at meateater@themeateater.com if you know of a regulation change that we’re missing.

Here is the part that applies to Texas:

To see the entire article, click here to see info for all states included in the article.