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Month: September 2019

Work Time at the Lease

It was time to move Top Side into a new position so that people hunting in the blind don't get an eye full of sun in the evenings. Putting the stand and feeder into a new spot, albeit not far from the original, allows for a wider field of view without being blinded.

To make moving the blind easier, we first grabbed some tin from the remains of Pier1 to make skids to slide it:

Harvesting Tin

Once we had the tin in place, we attached the tow straps:

Skids & Tow Straps

After swinging the stand to be aligned with the road, we rig to slide down the road to it's final position:

Prepping For Final Move

And the final move to it's new spot:

Land Owner Event (Restricted Usage)

The property owner will have a church retreat on his property during October 11th through the 13th. The owner asks that we not utilize the property during this time for privacy and safety reasons.

This is one of two weekends during the entire year that the property owner requests exclusive use of the property for personal use.

Where to Attach Tag to Deer

The tag may be attached anywhere on a deer so that it is not damaged, defaced, or lost in transporting or handling. For deer, the appropriate tag or permit must remain attached until the deer reaches its final destination and is quartered. If deer’s head is severed from the carcass (body), then the appropriate tag or permit must remain attached to its carcass. Proof of sex. If the head does not accompany the carcass, then the head must be accompanied by a Wildlife Resource Document (WRD).

Tip: Remember that if the head and the carcass are separated, the tag from the hunting license goes with the meat and the WRD goes with the head.

Read the tag use description on your license carefully before attaching to harvested deer.

Tagging a Deer

A tag from the hunting license of the person who killed the deer or turkey must be correctly and legibly completed (including name of property and county) and immediately attached to the animal (exception is properties with issued tags such as MLD tags).

The hunter MUST:
  • use the specific type of deer or turkey (for example, buck tags must be used only on buck deer, antlerless tags on antlerless deer, etc.)
  • have the month and date of kill clearly cut out on the tag by notching the respective month and day. Do not “ink out.”
  • immediately complete, date and cut out the appropriate hunting license tag after a deer is harvested but before the deer is field dressed, moved or tagged.
  • for white-tailed deer, immediately before moving carcass, complete the log, in ink, on the back of the hunting license. Asterisks in the log indicate bucks with an inside main beam spread of at least 13 inches. Failure to complete the log as required may result in a fine not to exceed $500 for each deer improperly logged.
Completion of the log is not required for mule deer, or for white-tailed deer or mule deer lawfully taken under a MLDP tag, TPWD Special Drawn Public Hunt permit, or on a Big Time Texas Hunt.

Tag cut out3